stop-mo storyboard

so i made a storyboard for my stop-mo before i started to make the final product. i had done this after i’d taken the photographs i was going to use in the animation. they are below (photographed as they were too large to scan)
i discovered that i didn’t need to end ones because of what i had going on in my animation – that the cmyk colours form a cage which then disappears.

if you can see the grey lead circles with letters in them – they represent where each bird will be at any given frame.



what i have to work with.

this is what i have to work with for helvecticaNATION.
i cannot skew, distort or fill in counters. i can slice them with the knife tool.
8 images that work as a set.

more helvecticaNATION

here are some more examples of helveticaNATION iconography. these range from simplistic, but also gives examples of more detailed ones. i do think, however that some have been skewed, which in our brief is not allowed. i think i need to strike a balance between simple as and something a bit more detailed. it does seem like it feels as if the assignment would be done of in 10 minutes, but i think if i get into that mindset I will come up with something that is not very good.

a farmyard family:

this one interests me the most, even though i think the font’s been skewed:

i think the images below are really good representations of office supplies and could be easily worked into an instructional poster or something similar:



this one is really clever! it revolves around the cold temperature but includes things you don’t necessarily think about when coming up with ideas for cold temperature iconography:



so, looking on the net there are a few instances of helveticaNATION designs that have been done from people all around the world.
whilst these will probably be most the same for all other gotafe students, i’m posting the pictures anyway, just to give an example of what the end results could look like.
i am yet to decide on a theme, but whatever the theme is the 8 images need to work as a set, like they belong together.

it’s interesting that the images of helveticaNATION can range from very simple, (see below) to things that are a little more complex, albeit while keeping there simplistic nature. the images under this text are clear representations of different kinds of people. and the great thing is the were done using minimal characters.

here we have something that is a more complicated effort. i like the fact that they images have been restrained to just black and white. it maintains the air of simplicity. they are clearly elderly people and weights of the same font have been used to emphasis different things about the characters.

not that we will be using colour, but adding it just makes for a more eye-popping, or themetically appropriate feel. it will be important to create images that are not reliant on colour but still get across the tone of what the imagery is. here are two that have great construction, and would also work in just black and white.




final dg.

final dg design cover, complete with appropriate headlines.
i’m quite happy with it in the end and i think it really captured that warm feel, which is then questioned by the appearance of blood and a kidney at the bottom of the page.
they say jack the ripper lulled his victims into a false sense of security with grapes and wine.
maybe this has done the same.
i also like the shadows that are in the image, which i think reminds the viewer that there still is a sense of foreboding.

blood and gore and dg.

an early pic from the photoshoot that shows the kidney, (minus blood) and the brown paper, string and parchment.
the floorboards were made with short bits of pine and nailed together and stained with a floor stain and slightly varnished. i didn’t want to varnish to much and get flash of camera lights all over the place.

and below is a sample blood over the kidney shot, just seeing what the blood show up like on camera before the actual pictures were taken.
if i didn’t know any better, i’d say this was blood – it had a slightly thick consistency and the colour if think i got right.

dg shopping list.

1) one sheep kidney
these are most like a human kidney, but are smaller, so i will have to allow for that by making smaller paper, I’m estimating around a5 size paper should make the kidney seem big enough when placed on the paper.

2) fake blood
having a theatre background, i know what i need:
red food colouring
green food colouring
hair gel
chocolate syrup
golden syrup

3) brown string and wapping paper.

4) teabags and coffee to make a suitable parchment paper, not aged, but with a brown texture.

5) odd bits of wood and stain to make fake floorboards.

letters from hell. dg.

here is a copy of the original letter sent to scotland yard that contained the kidney.
it has aged obviously so when i recreate it it will have to look as if it has been done in the art few days.
a bad speller, the letter reads;

‘from hell
mr lusk
i send you half the kidne i took from one women, preserved it for you tother pice i friend and ate it was very nise i may send you the bloody knife that took it out if only you wait a whil longer.
catch me when you can mr lushk’

scans below of my pen and ink attempt at recreating the text from the letter.
i’ve used pen and ink to do this which did require some effort to acquire and old fashioned ink pot and nibs.


dg. final idea.

so the other idea for dg that i had is the one i’m actually going to be going with.
after talking a lot about using stains and dark shadows, it seems to me that there is also another way to show this decade which is not cliche but does still get across the feel i want.
my idea, as you see below is to recreate the ‘from hell’ letter sent by jack the ripper to scotland yard which contained half a kidney and a menacing note. still using the idea of strong reds, i’ve strayed slightly from using a green to create a anaesthetic feel and am including warm colours, such as red browns and such to give a sense of warmth. hopefully juxtaposed with the actually imagery, this will be slightly disconcerting.
my intention now is to use photography to get the image looking as real as possible.
here are some sketches with relative placement of imagery.

the imagery is quite central in this top one, however, i have also given myself the option below, where it is slightly askew.

here is what will be crucial to the image in the end and what i will have to source from a butchers shop:



dg concepts. part one.

here i’ve just started to experiment a little using fine liner and water colours. colour wise i’ve tried to stick to a red and muddy green/black palette, but this is only for experimentation and seeing what feel i get from water colours.

and below are some of the concept ideas for the front cover i’ve had. i’ve got a few more in my head that ill upload after I’ve sketched them out, but here is the start.
rather small, but the idea for this cover was inspired by the silhouette/cut if effect. in the forefront of the image there is a lady of the night with her skirt kitchen up high enough to make the silhouette (who carries a knife) taken notice.

in the ‘from hell’ letter sent to the police supposedly from jack the ripper, there was also half a kidney, jack mentioning he’d eaten the other half and it was nice. this concept is to have a clearly deranged man sitting up to the table with knife and fork at the read to eat a raw kidney. this concept features the face of the ripper, which i’m still not sure i want to see in my image.

another idea that i had was to display all the entrails and organs out against a gritty stone background. this would be quite disgusting and while there would be shock value involved the ripper never did this kind of thing to his victims, so i’d be using artistic licence.

this idea was to have a fine detailed drawing/etching feel to the pice and overlay it with red/green liquid photography. the final effect is in my head, and that probably the best description of it i can come up with at this stage. will keep working on it.

another plated kidney concept, this time from a birds eye view and a shadow silhouette hovering above. i think this work better the the other kidney plate concept as there is no ripper face to worry about.

this one is my other favourite idea at the moment, and invokes a close up of a preservation jar with half a kidney in it and the menacing silhouette of the ripper in the background. i considered even out tin writing material in this image to give the idea he was just about to write the ‘from hell’ letter.