muppets in pieces.

i decided to try and mask the fact that i was using helvetica to try and get the most accurate interpretation of the muppet that i could. this involved a lot of knife tooling (something i’ve only worked with briefly before) and lots of rotating bits of letters and numbers. i also had to use pathfinder a lot to slice things up as well. each face took about 4-6 hours to construct, depending on the complexity. below are the faces, selected so you can see all the pieces that went into a face.

i found the letters and numbers and symbols i used most were:

C U l v M I 9 2 % ) ( – G

although all up i used 17 letters of the alphabet, four numbers and 7 symbols.

after i made the rowlfe one, i’d made myself a big circle black in out of quarter of a C and a few small i characters. this then came in handy for eyes and bits of mouth, hence the big blue areas in some. you’ll note that the sides are slightly square – the fault of the i.


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