more helvecticaNATION

here are some more examples of helveticaNATION iconography. these range from simplistic, but also gives examples of more detailed ones. i do think, however that some have been skewed, which in our brief is not allowed. i think i need to strike a balance between simple as and something a bit more detailed. it does seem like it feels as if the assignment would be done of in 10 minutes, but i think if i get into that mindset I will come up with something that is not very good.

a farmyard family:

this one interests me the most, even though i think the font’s been skewed:

i think the images below are really good representations of office supplies and could be easily worked into an instructional poster or something similar:



this one is really clever! it revolves around the cold temperature but includes things you don’t necessarily think about when coming up with ideas for cold temperature iconography:



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