so, looking on the net there are a few instances of helveticaNATION designs that have been done from people all around the world.
whilst these will probably be most the same for all other gotafe students, i’m posting the pictures anyway, just to give an example of what the end results could look like.
i am yet to decide on a theme, but whatever the theme is the 8 images need to work as a set, like they belong together.

it’s interesting that the images of helveticaNATION can range from very simple, (see below) to things that are a little more complex, albeit while keeping there simplistic nature. the images under this text are clear representations of different kinds of people. and the great thing is the were done using minimal characters.

here we have something that is a more complicated effort. i like the fact that they images have been restrained to just black and white. it maintains the air of simplicity. they are clearly elderly people and weights of the same font have been used to emphasis different things about the characters.

not that we will be using colour, but adding it just makes for a more eye-popping, or themetically appropriate feel. it will be important to create images that are not reliant on colour but still get across the tone of what the imagery is. here are two that have great construction, and would also work in just black and white.





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