dg. final idea.

so the other idea for dg that i had is the one i’m actually going to be going with.
after talking a lot about using stains and dark shadows, it seems to me that there is also another way to show this decade which is not cliche but does still get across the feel i want.
my idea, as you see below is to recreate the ‘from hell’ letter sent by jack the ripper to scotland yard which contained half a kidney and a menacing note. still using the idea of strong reds, i’ve strayed slightly from using a green to create a anaesthetic feel and am including warm colours, such as red browns and such to give a sense of warmth. hopefully juxtaposed with the actually imagery, this will be slightly disconcerting.
my intention now is to use photography to get the image looking as real as possible.
here are some sketches with relative placement of imagery.

the imagery is quite central in this top one, however, i have also given myself the option below, where it is slightly askew.

here is what will be crucial to the image in the end and what i will have to source from a butchers shop:




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