dg ideas for gore.

when i think jack the ripper, apart from the ghastly movie that was made with michael caine in it, i think of the more recent version that starred johnny depp, although ian holm (pictured below) was the implied ripper of the piece. what I’m interested in gaining from looking at the film again and this picture is the anaesthetic feel that i get from seeding the red from blood and green colour of alcohol (most probably absinthe) that, when mixed together created a really hazy effect. it was most effective when done with liquids. in the picture below you can see a green tinge to everything and i believe this combination, combined with the hello w lighting goes an uneasy feel.

i want to, as much i can try to stick to the kind of styles that were around for magazines and newspapers at the time and just sneak a bit of photography and technology into the piece just a bit. below are some etchings and fine drawings (one of the actual ripper case) that were around in the 1880s.

the picture below emulates the kind of tone that i’m searching from overall. although the is not coloured in any way (and i intend to use reds and greens), it is the dark shadowy feel that gives the sense of menace that i want to capture in the pice. by not seeing the ripper’s face i think the audience would be installed with even more dread. the ripper case was closed without a culprit caught and if i gave my ripper a face that would then give him an identity. i like the idea of this monster remaining nameless, (albeit for suspects). the movie poster from ‘sherlock holmes’ also captures that cold, shadowy feel and the textures in the poster are those i will need to create to embody the notion of gritty victorian london.

the pictures below are from movies. you can see the titles from the mini-series ‘the pacific’ and the recent ‘sherlock holmes’ movie starring robert downey jnr. i particularly like the effect the mixed media has and think that the more frenzied look of the sherlock holmes titles lends it’s to that of a madman serial killer. i do not want to copy these, but simply grab elements (i like how the red ‘stains’ in the pacific titles, for instance.



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