dg. obscene cuisine.

okay, so the dg magazine is not the one below, but i looked at some past desktop magazines just to see what kind of imagery might suit a a cover of a design magazine. i’m purposely not looking at any dg magazines, but i have taken note of where the logo sits with small white and black squares so when i am coming up with concepts i’m aware where the image will go in relation to the logo. i’ve chosen my decade; 1880s and am going to produce something that highlights the particularly nasty events of 1888 when the still unidentified serial killer, jack the ripper terrier the streets of whitechapel.

just doing a bit of research on blood and wounds. i’ve specifically looked up knife wounds as that was the weapon of the ripper and as such would like to get them right, no matter what medium i’m using to produce the finished product. i am steering clear of using too much photography – none at all if i can as i will try to make the image feel as if it was produced for the most part in the 1880s, albeit with some slight 2012 enhancements towards the end. i’m really interested in getting a blood stain effect going on using possibly watercolours or ink. i’d really like to get a liquid blood stain feel going on…


while i search my mind and books and the net for ideas, i’m reminded that one stage the ripper sent police a half eaten kidney with a letter address ‘from hell’. whether or not i make the kidney a feature at this stage is still something i’m toying with.


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