gtm sketches – more.

gtm eye
here is the eye of the man in more detail. i’m particularly pleasded with the representation of the eyeball.

further drum trial – this was an idea to have a base with the drum, but in the end the criss cross of the string on base conflicted to much with the rest of the circular style of the drawing. note i tried to tie in base with the mouth of the man.

an initial idea for the wheat/drumstick. in my picture the man is beating drums using drumsticks of wheat. curved lines is what i went for in the end. the curvature of the S shapes represents the texture of wheat.

a rough sketch of how the beat of the music may bounce of the drumstick.

trials of different ears to have on my man. it transformed through the process to not represent the ears by having ears, but just the lobes with spacers.


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