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dg. obscene cuisine.

okay, so the dg magazine is not the one below, but i looked at some past desktop magazines just to see what kind of imagery might suit a a cover of a design magazine. i’m purposely not looking at any dg magazines, but i have taken note of where the logo sits with small white and black squares so when i am coming up with concepts i’m aware where the image will go in relation to the logo. i’ve chosen my decade; 1880s and am going to produce something that highlights the particularly nasty events of 1888 when the still unidentified serial killer, jack the ripper terrier the streets of whitechapel.

just doing a bit of research on blood and wounds. i’ve specifically looked up knife wounds as that was the weapon of the ripper and as such would like to get them right, no matter what medium i’m using to produce the finished product. i am steering clear of using too much photography – none at all if i can as i will try to make the image feel as if it was produced for the most part in the 1880s, albeit with some slight 2012 enhancements towards the end. i’m really interested in getting a blood stain effect going on using possibly watercolours or ink. i’d really like to get a liquid blood stain feel going on…


while i search my mind and books and the net for ideas, i’m reminded that one stage the ripper sent police a half eaten kidney with a letter address ‘from hell’. whether or not i make the kidney a feature at this stage is still something i’m toying with.


the birds. the birds.

so, i’ve now constructed all the birds and after a bit more refining they are ready to go. all i’ve got to do now is take the photographs of the human element interacting with them and then i can start to construct the movie.

please meet, cortez the cyan toucan, kenzie the black puffin, maya the magenta flamingo and yates the yellow pelican. put them in a particular order and you get cmyk.




meet cortez.

and here is one of the finished birds. meet cortez the cyan toucan.

rough and ready to fly.

some rough drawings of how my birds are to be represented. each bird then will be themed a particular colour in reference to cmyk. i intend on also adding a texture to the birds drawn from other elements of design; paper and photographic film.



dg magazine cover.

pick a decade. any decade.

ok. 1880s.

subject: jack the ripper.

“one day men will look back and say i gave birth to the twentieth century.”

the birds starring in my stop-mo.

in my stop-motion animation, there will 4 species of bird that will star as paper-cut outs along with the human element. these birds will be stylised versions of; toucan, pelican, flamingo and puffin.

i’ve researched (may i add on my new 27-inch imac) a few pictures about how the birds look and even some in flight to see wingspan etc. my versions will be highly stylised so although the will bear a resemblance to the bird, size etc may not necessarily make sense.

other stop-mo inspirations.


cardboard/paper animals is where i’m going with this stop-mo. i had the idea whilst attending a theatre production by little ones theatre that involved a story set around noah’s ark and not letting same sex animals on. weird show, but sprouted the idea.


other images that have caught my eye and below. we are born by sia and aladdin sane by david bowie both have the type of human feel i want to get from the stop-mo. also playing with the idea of having the human made up a little a la david bowie.



the birds.

have been looking at the flight of birds as my idea for the finished stop-mo involves that of a bird (and some other things but we will get to that later). here is a robotic bird that was designed to mimic incredibly the flight of other birds.

here is another, with narration about bird flight. i’m particularly interested in how the wings move. this is on the wrong angle for how i want my bird, but is good insight.

paper cut out stop-mo.

i love this kind of look for a stop-mo, but it will be not what i’ll end up with. the silhouettes are great but i really like the movement of the light behind the cloth, particularly in the underwater scene. i’m caught in the idea that the light will be slightly different in each frame. consistent but not. little gleams of light shining through.

and again.

stop-mo a go-go.

below is another stop-mo that uses photography and real life settings. i like the idea of using photography in some way, but i think it will be more like the setting and  human subject interacting with a drawn element rather than the human being ‘paper’. 🙂