gtm inspiration.


this image whilst not the friendliest looking thing i think is quite cool because of how the lines have been used to almost make the drawing feel texture. the pic is a bad iphone snap, it came as an idea to use the line work in a similar fashion but to apply it to my design to emulate the texture of ploughed fields, but from a far greater distance.


this image of a lion grabbed my attention because it seems to be a hybrid cut-out, ink spattering image. the idea that this is animalistic and raw (roar!) to me harked back my notion of including some kind of tribal element to the design. if the image of a cow roaring with the teeth of a pack animal.


i like this image only because they way lines are used to create movement. i would not like to design anything in this style but simply have out this here because of the way it moves.


the skull above has an interesting texture to it with a grainy effect.i am a fan of the vivid colours used in it, i think particularly because they are removed from what the colours of a skull usually are. for me this image is more about the colours in relation to a black background more than the design.




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