some previous gtm branding.

the 2011 poster design for the gtm festival is a clear nod to cassandre whilst evoking the rural feel of the festival’s settings. the use of the repeated lines to create the gtm and 2011 text is reminiscent of the way a tractor would plough a field ready for crops. cleverly the linework has been worked into the tractor wheels and the simple vectored silhouettes of wheat cap of the rural theme well. i believe the poster works well as it is also not what you’d expect from a traditional music festival. i’m not sure of the reasoning though behind having totally different imagery for the festival tee.

the poster above makes use of the americana/outback style jeanery/belt buckle design. as this is predominately associated with cowboys and working on the land also ties in with the feel of gtm being a musical festival for the regional and rural centres. contrasting pink againsts the navy blue/purple background adds colouring that is more consistent with large sheet music festival posters. i believe that whilst it works for it’s intended purpose, it is not as dynamic as the one first posted here.

gtmtee11 gtm11pc
this is the winner of the 2011 gtm tee competition. it is a clear nod to the the rural setting of the festival, and could possible be some musically inclined farmer boy on the way to see his favourite tunes played live. whilst it clearly represents the festival, the style of the illustration feels cheap to me and wouldn’t be something i’d pay money for particularly when (and this may only be a personal view) most festivals of music i’ve attended seem to be a ethereal experience of sorts where humans come together for an experience that they are all connected by. an eclectic mix of people who all dance to the beat of their own drum; even though their collective love is the music. individual. free spirited. diverse.

the 20011 people’s choice winner (above) for the tee design is more the feel i get when i attend a music festival and possibly the tribal aspect of the illustration led gtm to use a tribal feel in their 2012 branding. the colours used in the tee above are sublime, the woman feels to me like a child of the music.
gtm10 gtmpc10
the images above, (l to r) are the winner and people’s choice of the 2010 gtm tee comp. i don’t like the images at all as they feel really amateur, which may have been what they were going for, i’m not sure??  i get the impression from the winner that the image was to be a lumberjack type of man letting out his inner groove. the people’s choice image i’ve seen used a number of times for different things, and was even used for a shepparton event before 2010.



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