tom ford.

here are the screenshots for my tom ford website.

it’s been crated using tables and images etc, but i think for my personal one i’m going to incorporate hotspots.






amnesty calendar.

i decided as my calendar pages were all quite small, i would do the whole 12 months and a front and end cover. i feel that it fits well with the amnesty international brand and contains stories that i found that are true (names changed) to reflect what the organisation is about.


2012 semester one folio submission.

hello tafe instructors,
welcome to the online portion of my folio, including research and finished pieces for the subjects, create graphics and interactive digital media. as per luke surace’s request earlier in the year, research uploaded has been kept to a minimum to ease the burden of him going through everyone’s blog.
if requested i can provide research in hard copy.
happy marking,

the final product – helvetica nation.

here is the final product. i’m sure i’d keep refining if the timeline was there to, however i think these work well in both black and colour. i know that colour wasn’t necessary for the assignment, but each icon could be assigned a colour based on the dominant swatch of the particular character.

my favourites remain kermit and rowlfe.

muppets in pieces.

i decided to try and mask the fact that i was using helvetica to try and get the most accurate interpretation of the muppet that i could. this involved a lot of knife tooling (something i’ve only worked with briefly before) and lots of rotating bits of letters and numbers. i also had to use pathfinder a lot to slice things up as well. each face took about 4-6 hours to construct, depending on the complexity. below are the faces, selected so you can see all the pieces that went into a face.

i found the letters and numbers and symbols i used most were:

C U l v M I 9 2 % ) ( – G

although all up i used 17 letters of the alphabet, four numbers and 7 symbols.

after i made the rowlfe one, i’d made myself a big circle black in out of quarter of a C and a few small i characters. this then came in handy for eyes and bits of mouth, hence the big blue areas in some. you’ll note that the sides are slightly square – the fault of the i.

the muppets go helvetica.

some source pictures for the characters i will be doing in helvetica.
i’ve chosen these characters as they are the most recognisable in my opinion. note that they are all male kept for miss piggy – never realised that they were so sexist! haaha.

i’ll have to stylise animal as the wispy hair is not really acheivable in my mind with helvetica bold.

trials in helvetica.

my first idea for helvetica nation was to document the faces of universal movie monsters using helvetica bold to create iconography/symbols that were not complicated and could work as a set.
some of the monsters included in the 8 characters to be portrayed are shown below, (l-r), the mummy, the creature from the black lagoon, the hunchback of notre dame, the wolf man, and frankenstein.
others that i had planned to do included dracula, frankenstein’s bride and the phantom of the opera, who in the universal movie world, was considered a monster.
i actually made the whole face of the creature from the black lagoon and started on the wolf man (see picture at bottom), but i came to the conclusion that because all monsters were so different, visually the would not work as a set, and only as a set of characters from the same movie studio.
it was then i decided to have a go at doing hen son’s muppets, as the all had likenesses that could be carried over in bits and pieces into the 8 icons.



helvetica henson.

after many a try, (posts to come of previous attempts), i thought i’d go with doing 8 muppets characters using helvetica bold to construct them.

here is kermit. i’ve taken a screen shot of all the pieces and then finished face. took about 4 hours. a lot of rotating and knifing the font went into this. lol.

the soundtrack to my stop-mo.

i narrowed down in my head the music choice for my stop-mo to the following choices:

– not dying today – ( – live version, but was looking at the song mainly for the drums in the intro [listen hard])

– take a bow – (

– star of wonder – (

– sad lisa – (
in the end i went for take a bow by muse as the intro fit my stop-mo perfectly, even changing in tone and pitch when the words in my animation appeared – match made in heaven.